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Shai Lalush

Hobbies: Playing with remote trucks and drones
Favorite Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip
Does Pineapple Go on Pizza: Yes

Field Manager

Michael Anulewicz

Hobbies: Fishing
Favorite Ice Cream: Vanilla
Does Pineapple Go on Pizza: No


Javier Olivera

Hobbies: Playing the Piano
Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate 
Does Pineapple Go on Pizza: No

Office Manager

Jeanne Martin

Hobbies: Spending time with friends and family
Favorite Ice Cream: Moose Tracks
Does Pineapple Go on Pizza: No

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High Quality Products Heating and Cooling Products

We proudly carry the complete line of Coleman heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality products. When you purchase Coleman products you are investing in high efficiency and cutting edge technology like the Coleman Whisper Drive System which makes a unit virtually silent.