Fall HVAC Maintenance

We’ve arrived at that time of the year when New Jersey temperatures are no longer bouncing back and forth between sweater weather and short sleeves. We are starting that slide to consistently colder temperatures.

That means we are likely ready to flip our HVAC systems permanently to “HEAT.”

Before committing our systems to running the furnace or heat pump full-speed ahead, this is the time to take care of a few HVAC maintenance basics as well as consider calling in the pros from Temp Control to prepare for the coming months.


It’s important to remember that routine, basic maintenance like clearing any debris from the compressor housing is easy and quick. This could be as simple as brushing away leaves and sticks from the base of the condensing unit or heat pump. But also you want to look for signs of damage or plants like shrubs or trees that might be encroaching on the unit..

Cleaning the condenser takes the outdoor maintenance one step further. This could include gently vacuuming the coils with a brush attachment or blowing off dirt with compressed air. If the coils seem particularly dirty, you can go as far as pulling off the fan grill and gently scrubbing the coils with a mild soap solution and rinsing gently with a hose. The coils are fragile and can be damaged with intense spraying or scrubbing. It’s also important to remember to shut off the power to the unit before performing any cleaning.


Indoors do-it-yourself maintenance takes a few more twists and turns. As usual and as always, if you haven’t inspected your filters or if they are due for changing, this is the time to take care of them. Remember that filters come in all variety of materials and have different methods of filtering the air. Reading the manufacturers’ recommendations for their use and care is an important tool in keeping your system running well and lasting longer.

Other DIY steps you can perform is simple inspection of your registers and return vents. It’s easy to clean the external part of the vents, but it’s also a good idea to unscrew them from the wall and swipe inside the vents with a dust cloth and household cleaner.

Taking the interior maintenance a step further includes walking around the house and looking for sources of air leaks that can be sealed around windows, doors or other openings. This can be accomplished easily with inexpensive foam or rubber sealant sold at all hardware or home supply stores.


Lastly, if you feel like doing any of the above is above and beyond your pay grade, then it’s certainly time to contact the professionals at Temp Control to perform these tasks for you. 

Tasks like checking for duct leaks, inspecting the evaporator coil, and mechanical parts of your furnace and HVAC system that are often best left to experienced technicians. Likewise, the trusted professionals at Temp Control can examine your thermostat and make recommendations for settings and possibly even a replacement if necessary.

HVAC systems like Coleman are one of our best friends during the fall and winter for maintaining our comfort. Investing in some simple maintenance and relying on Temp Control not only keeps you cozy and warm, but it also keeps our energy bills down and helps prolong the life of your existing system.