Summer brings added stress to a home’s HVAC operation. Obviously hotter weather makes the system work harder but there are other maintenance and operation tips to consider as temperatures soar.


Give your air conditioning unit an assist with ceiling fans and/or standing fans. Hot air rises. Using ceiling fans or stand fans to move the hot air around the home allows the temperature to remain more consistent and gives your A/C unit less work.

Remember that ceiling fans in the summer should rotate counter-clockwise (as you are looking up at them). This pushes the air down, moving it around a room and into the system. The warmer it is, the faster the blades should turn.


Contrary to some common thought, closing duct vents (registers) in unused rooms does not save energy. It may do more harm than good. HVAC systems are constructed with a calculated  design in terms of the amount of air flow used to service a certain-sized home. Closing registers for long periods of time alters the flow of air and puts more pressure on the system which makes it work harder.

Closing a vent temporarily is OK to ward off a chill or an unwanted draft, but remember to open them up again to keep the system working efficiently and as intended.


The condensing unit (the big noisy, metal thing outside the house) needs room to breathe. Make sure debris is cleared away and there are no shrubs or branches interfering with the intake or the exhaust fan that is blowing air–usually out of the top.

Another consideration is shading the unit. Again, this is a bit of a myth. Shading the unit does not provide any significant energy savings according to a study performed by the Florida Solar Energy Center. Covering a condenser with an awning or adding any kind of shade vegetation may interfere with the unit’s efficiency and harm the system’s operation.


There is no goose element here. But among the wisest things to inspect as summer approaches are a home’s air ducts. One of the best ways to improve efficiency is to let a qualified technician at Temp Control inspect ductwork around the home for leaks, disconnections, uninsulated boots or sagging/kinked flex ducts. Restricted air flow in a flex vent or leaks in any duct system can contribute to significant energy loss. This also makes the system work harder and longer which increases the wear and tear on a system.

Don’t wait for something to break. As spring winds down and the grip of summer takes hold, you will have a shorter wait time for a technician than in peak months. We want to make sure your HVAC is there for you and operating smoothly as summer sun bears down. If you are in Central New Jersey and needs assistance, Contact Temp Control today at 732-218-8400 or email us at info@tempcontrolnj.com.






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