It’s Not Too Early to Think about A/C

While we’re still huddled under our blankets and patting ourselves on the back for getting our furnace serviced in the fall, it’s a great time to start thinking about…you guessed it: the spring A/C tune-up.

“Routine preventative maintenance” sounds like something our grandfather might growl while hitching his pants and reminding us about how he trudged a mile through snow and ice to retrieve the mail. Simply put, though, regular service of residential heating and cooling equipment saves money and heartburn.

We have to remember that the cooling and heating unit is one of the hardest working systems in our homes. As winter drags on, watching snow melt might not seem like the ideal time to think about air conditioning. However, while we’re still shoveling snow and watching icicles drip, this IS the time to beat the rush and contact Temp Control to schedule your home for a visit from one of our trained service employees.

An A/C tune-up offers many significant benefits: it helps prevent your system from experiencing an unexpected malfunction; it keeps the cooling system operating at maximum efficiency, thereby holding down your electric or gas bills; and it will extend the life of your system.


Temp Control’s trained service technician will inspect your whole system and thermostat. This includes the electrical and mechanical components that get a workout all year and those that sit idle during the winter.

Temp Control’s $79 Spring Tune-up Includes:

• inspecting and replacing any needed filters

• lubricating any moving parts and checking for any worn or damaged parts

• inspecting the condensate drain

• cleaning indoor and outdoor coils

• checking and adjusting refrigerant levels

• calibration of the thermostat


With a hub in Woodbridge, Temp Control provides 24/7 service in Central New Jersey including Westfield, Clark, Metuchen and neighboring towns. We also offer maintenance packages that keep your HVAC running worry-free. Even if you’re not one of our regular customers, scheduling the tune-up for your A/C unit in advance of the summer rush will ensure you a timely visit and give you the peace of mind that you can roll into summer cool and confident.