Save Money on Furnace Repair With These 5 Tips

Furnace repairs are often expensive and time-consuming, but there are several steps you can take to help reduce repair costs and make sure your furnace is up and running in no time. From regular maintenance to identifying problems early, find out five great strategies for keeping your furnace in good working order.

Regularly Inspect and Maintain Your Furnace.
Regularly inspecting and maintaining your furnace not only helps preserve the system’s performance and longevity, but it can also help identify potential problems before they become costly repairs. Having your furnace regularly inspected by a professional technician is a key step in ensuring that the furnace operates effectively and safely all winter long. Look for issues, such as cracked heat exchangers, dirty air filters, low airflow levels, excessive vibration or abnormal noises, which are all signs that something is wrong with your system.

Install Weather Stripping around Doors and Windows.
Installing weather stripping around the doors and windows can be an easy fix that not only reduces energy bills, but it also makes your home more comfortable. Weather stripping prevents drafts from entering your home, which can cause your furnace to work harder and make it vulnerable to future problems. It’s important to contact a technician if you find drafty spots in your doors or windows as these can cause electrical components to freeze up due to cold temperatures.

Insulate Your Attic and Wall Framing Areas.
Proper insulation plays a crucial role in ensuring your furnace is operating efficiently. Without adequate insulation, the heat generated by a furnace can escape through uninsulated walls and attics. You can significantly reduce your repair costs by making sure that your home’s framing areas have insulation to block out cold air and allow warmth to stay within the house. Make sure that you check for any holes or leaks in the attic, as cold air can seep into your home from those spots as well.

Consider Investing in a Dehumidifier system for Basements and Crawl Spaces.
If you live in a damp area, you may want to consider investing in a basement or crawl space dehumidifier. These systems take moisture out of the air and keep your indoor air dry, eliminating mold growth and reducing dust in the home. This helps maintain furnace efficiency by controlling humidity levels, which can save you money on repairs. Make sure to choose a model with an optional external outdoor drain so that excess condensation is taken care of without having to worry about water dripping onto your flooring.

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