3 Ways to Stay Warm this Fall Season

Winter is just around the corner and the temperatures are not going to get much warmer from here.  It is our job to help you and your family stay comfortable through seasonal changes and these three easy-to-do maintenance tips will help you keep warm between our visits.

Maintenance Tip 1: Check Filters Every 30-to-60 Days
In order to uphold the integrity of your furnace system, it is important to change your air filters.  Permanent filters can be easily cleaned with mild detergent, per manufacturer’s recommendations, every 30-to-60 days.  Replaceable filters should be replaced every 30-to-60 days.

Maintenance Tip 2: Check Your Windows and Doors
In order to contain the warmth from your heating system inside your home, it is essential to keep all windows and doors sealed shut when your system is running.  Do you feel a slight draft coming in from a window?  Caulk and weather-strip the edge of your windows to close all air gaps.

Maintenance Tip 3: Install a Programmable or Wifi-Thermostat
Consider installing a Wi-Fi thermostat, or a “Smart Thermostat”, to keep from turning the heat on and off each time you leave your home.  A Smart Thermostat will also allow you to adjust the device from anywhere in the world using their mobile app.  If you are interested in installing a Wi-Fi Thermostat, our helpful technicians will be happy to make recommendations and walk you through the best option.

While these three hacks will help you stay comfortable during seasonal shifts, we highly recommend having your entire system checked once-a-year by a qualified service technician.  If you are interested, consider our Residential Maintenance Agreement and receive two annual checks in the Fall and Spring to ensure the safety of your home heating and cooling system.  Before making your appointment, feel free to check our seasonal promotions to see what specials are running that month.

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