Seasons in the Sun: Preparing Your HVAC System for the Warmer Days

Switching our thermostats to “cool” from “heat” this time of the year should serve as a reminder that if we did not service that HVAC unit in the fall, now is the time to get it done.

Even if the unit was inspected a few months ago, that heat pump or furnace that has been working hard all winter is ready for a rest while the cooling unit is ready to take over.

Here are four key things to consider.

System Maintenance
Scheduling an air conditioning service call in the spring would prep the system for rising spring temperatures and the imminent summer heat. Preventative maintenance service would be a minimal expense and control the cooling system while the kids are home from school and come in and out of doors more frequently, disrupting the system.

Just because a filter calls itself a “three-month” filter doesn’t mean it will work efficiently for exactly three months. Filters need to be inspected and/or changed regularly—  something you can do on your own. Most fiberglass filters are designated with a monthly or three-month rating, some are on a yearly-basis. But certain conditions in the home can add particles to the air that shorten the life of the filter.  If there is cigarette smoke, construction, added pets, etc., these can all increase the load on a filter. Now is a great time to take a look even if the filter has not reached its rated end-life.

Asking an HVAC technician or an installation contractor to inspect a home’s ductwork is recommended for this time of the year as well. Sealing leaks in the ductwork will increase the unit’s efficiency and help the HVAC cool the house more effectively.

Also, this is an especially good time to check the ducts and registers for dust, insects or other debris that might have found its way in during the winter. Knocking off winter’s layer of dander, pollen, and dust is an especially smart way to reduce the likelihood of recycling allergens throughout the home when the A/C kicks in.

Spring is a fantastic time to consider upgrading to a wi-fi thermostat or even upgrading the HVAC system. Many governmental agencies or utilities offer rebates, tax credits or other incentives to replace older, less efficient systems with newer, more modern technology that saves money and helps out the environment. Call our trusted Temp Control team and schedule your $69 tune-up today

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