The Value of a New HVAC System


Whether it’s updating an old HVAC system or adding an entirely new system, an investment in energy efficiency and environmental comfort always adds value to a home.

As summer begins waning, now is a great time for you to take stock of your energy bills and assess if it’s time to replace an inefficient cooling system. For those of you without an HVAC system, this might be the summer that triggers the addition of a forced-air system to your home.

As a rule, most HVAC systems begin to decline somewhere between 10 and 15 years. Even if an older unit is running well, its efficiency might not be up to modern standards and you could be losing out on energy savings of advanced technology. 

While maintaining your cool is one thing, thinking forward to the day your home might be scrutinized by buyers is another. When it comes time to sell a home, the Appraisal Institute notes that lower utility costs can be a draw for potential homebuyers. Hence, adding modern, efficient HVAC equipment is not only for your environmental comfort, it offers further peace of mind for resale purposes.

Most HVAC installers provide incentives and assistance to ease the purchase of some or all parts of a new HVAC system. Temp Control offers great financing options through Synchrony to deliver customers multiple ways to pay for a new unit. This allows customers to defer interest, have zero interest, or create fixed payments plans with interest rates lower than most bank rates.

Additionally, customers in New Jersey should check the Clean Energy Program for incentives and programs that encourage the purchase of cooling and heating equipment that provides an upgrade in efficiency and lowers environmental impact. Often, these incentives include substantial rebates for upgrading to Energy Star-rated equipment.

It’s wise to remember that heating and cooling can take as much as 50 percent of a home’s energy. Choosing a unit or making the decision to upgrade should be done with the advice of a professional.

Temp Control’s trained technicians can evaluate an existing system and make recommendations on what is the right equipment to get the most savings and comfort. Not all homes simply require more power. Nor do they necessarily need an equipment replacement. Temp Control can assess the mechanics of a current system and check ductwork and other areas of potential efficiency loss to give a homeowner an educated and trusted assessment.

This should be your first step to potentially upgrading your equipment or adding cooling comfort to a home. Either way, an efficient HVAC system provides re-sale value and years of worry-free comfort.