What Temperature Should You Set Your Heat to While You Are On Vacation?

Thanksgiving is just around the corner with the winter holidays shortly behind it. Many homeowners travel during this time of the year – often to escape the colder temperatures.

While you are off visiting family or lying on the beach somewhere, you want to make sure your home is safe for your return.

There is no need to keep the thermostat set to the same temperature that you would have it on while you are home. However, you do need to keep your furnace turned on and set to about 50 degrees to avoid pipes freezing.

If you don’t want to return to a freezing home after a relaxing vacation, consider a programmable thermostat or Wifi thermostat that you can set to warm up for your arrival. There are many options available that not only help monitor your temperature but can keep an eye on your home security when you are away as well.

If you are leaving a pet alone for a long weekend or having a friend visit to feed it, you’ll want to keep the temperature much higher – closer to 68 degrees, but ask your vet what they recommend. If a friend is stopping by to water your plants or take in the mail, you might consider keeping the thermostat set a bit higher so they remain comfortable while caring for your house.

If you are worried about the state of your furnace or are thinking of buying yourself an early holiday gift, we are happy to take a look at it before you leave so you won’t come back to any surprises.

At Temp Control, we are all about your comfort. Whether you are home or enjoying the sunshine on vacation, never hesitate to call us.