When Should I Replace My HVAC System?

With impending autumn weather relaxing summer’s grip, now is a fantastic time to think about replacing your home’s cooling system.

Certainly, different geographical locations affect this decision. But in most areas of the United States, unhooking a home’s HVAC while the weather is mild is a great idea.

As in the case of most decisions concerning HVAC, this is a great time of the year for an inspection by a qualified technician—especially after pushing the unit hard all summer long. It allows a homeowner the opportunity to make a less-stressful decision about whether or not to spend a chunk of change without extreme temperatures forcing their hand.


Taking advantage of the season also affords the opportunity to catch a technician when there’s not as much demand. Emergency calls are slowing down and peak season for cooling is slowly transitioning to furnace season. This allows a little more scheduling freedom.

Plus, contractors and service companies will have more time to access your needs or any problems. The demand for parts and equipment is slowing down as well. Finding that part or getting a new system might not take as long as in the middle of a peak season.


If your home’s HVAC does use a heat pump, this is an especially smart time to have it inspected. Replacing the furnace and the cooling unit at the same time would save dollars and offer much more peace of mind. If the heat pump was installed at a different time than the cooling unit, this is an especially good time to check out both and simply waltz into winter knowing that all systems are GO!


Improvement in A/C technology has greatly changed the landscape of heating and cooling in the past 10 years. If your unit is approaching the 10- to-12 year mark, this is also another opportunity to access a home’s HVAC needs. The average lifespan for an HVAC unit is around 15 years. Comparing your unit’s Energy Star rating to current models is one way to make that assessment.

Of course, consulting with a certified technician who can advise you without the burden of blazing heat or an impending snow storm offers the most relaxed opportunity to make a wise decision and be comfy and confident heading into fall.  Schedule your appointment today and receive $25 OFF your service of $250 and $50 OFF a service of $500 or more.  

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