Why Should I Flush My Hot Water Heater?

Like most mechanical devices, a little routine maintenance of your hot water heater can prevent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement costs.

A traditional hot water heater has no moving parts. But it does have parts that get extremely hot and are exposed to water and its multitude of pollutants and minerals. Because of this, most hot water heater issues are attributed to sediment build-up, especially in residential areas where there is hard water (water with high mineral content).

Most experts agree that a yearly flushing of a hot water heater is recommended to maintain its efficiency and prevent serious problems.

When sediment starts to build up in the bottom of a unit, it begins to compromise the hot water heater’s efficiency. Plus, the sediment takes up space that could be used for hot water. Also, by making the hot water heater work harder, deterioration of the heating element or other parts may occur more rapidly.

Severe sediment buildup may even start showing chunks in the water lines, clogging pipes and faucets throughout the home. The buildup could even lower water pressure. Furthermore, a neglected hot water heater could leak carbon monoxide if it’s connected to natural gas.

Hard water is only one cause of sediment buildup. Other contaminants such as sand, small rocks or other debris can find their way into a hot water tank. Even if you live in an area that has soft water or if you have a water softener, you are encouraged to flush your water heater on a regular basis.

There are no downsides to flushing a hot water tank. This is a regular maintenance a homeowner can perform by carefully following a few simple steps found in the hot water heater’s owner’s manual or online.

While most water heaters have a life expectancy of around 12 years, they will all eventually succumb to age and use, but to prevent premature breakdowns and keep them operating efficiently, a regular flushing will keep the unit running well into its senior years. If this is a task you’re uncomfortable doing, a trained and trusted Temp Control technician can perform this job quickly and with peace of mind. To have your water heater serviced, call us at 732-218-8400 or email at info@tempcontrolnj.com.

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